Our Clinic & Services

We provide primary care or complementary alternative naturopathic services.


Daytime & Evening Appointments are available: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays

First Appointment: 1 hour
Follow-up Appointments: 30 – 45 minutes

To Book an Appointment: Please Contact Us by phone or email.

Location: Our clinic is located in the Elmira Wellness Centre.

Cost coverage: The services of a Naturopath are not currently covered by OHIP but many private insurance plans cover the costs of the consultation and any testing completed in the office.

Payment options: cash, cheque, debit and credit card.

New Patients, please complete:
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Our Naturopathic Services include:

  • Clinical Nutrition: Together, we examine the relationship between your diet and health.  A good quality diet rich in nutrients will enhance the ability of the body to resolve illness and function at optimal performance.  Supplements are then used as a therapy to further enhance health.  An example of this is the use of Vitamin C for the common cold: Vitamin C will increase the phagocytic action of the immune system and subsequently eradicate bacteria.
  • Botanical Medicine: Using plant substances to improve patient health has been around for hundreds of years. Plants have nutritive properties as well as balancing effects on the systems of the body.  An example of this is the use of Ginger for nausea in the stomach flu as well as in pregnancy.  Herbs can be used in the form of tinctures, capsules, teas and creams.
  • Homeopathy: Based on the principle of “like cures like”, this therapy uses small amounts of natural substances to restore balance and vitality in the body.  Homeopathic remedies are made from plant, animal and mineral compounds.  Each remedy is created by diluting the compound in a sugar base to create various potencies.  The more a remedy is diluted, the greater the potency.  An example of homeopathy at work is using the remedy Apis (made from honey bee) for a bee sting.  Apis will take the heat, swelling and pain out of a bee sting very quickly after administration.
  • Lifestyle Counselling: Addressing your emotional well-being and understanding the environmental and social factors of disease is vital to achieving wellness.  We can’t all leave our stresses behind but learning how to thrive in difficult situations means we need to take good care of ourselves.  Having access to social support systems will encourage that well-being and provide help where necessary.

Lab Services, including the following are completed through an independent laboratory:

  • Allergy & Sensitivity Testing: Many people suffer with food and environmental allergies or intolerances.  When the body does not tolerate a particular food or environmental inhalant it then goes into a state of inflammation and hyper-immunity. Testing for intolerances and allergies allows a patient to remove those allergens for a period of time while we work to restore the body to a state of no inflammation and balanced immunity.  Patients can expect a blood draw by a phlebotomist at a local lab.  The sample is then sent to an independent lab and analyzed for 120 or 200 different food substances or inhalants.  A report will indicate all levels of intolerance.
  • Hormone testing: Salivary hormone testing allows for the identification of ongoing reproductive and adrenal issues.  This non-invasive style of testing allows the patient to understand hormone function without the use of needles or a visit to a lab.  Much research has been done into the long-term health effects of high cortisol levels in the body.  Having access to hormone testing will allow for an optimal approach to restoring health for the patients and addressing issues of infertility and other hormone-related issues.
  • Hair analysis: When a small amount of hair is sent to an independent lab, a report is given indicating  any toxic metals that may be there.  Chronic exposure to toxic metals has long been shown to deplete certain nutrients in the body as well as contribute to disease conditions.  Once a report is obtained, a treatment protocol is developed to remove the toxins from the body and restore the nutrients depleted by heavy metal toxicity.